Introduced Plants

Generally, the bush at Rubicon is in very good condition with only a few bad infestation of introduced plants. No weeds of national significance were ever a serious problem, and those recorded are now fully controlled or only sporadic in occurrence. We spend many hours each year hand weeding in the conservation area.

We have a list of nearly 140 introduced plant species that we have found at Rubicon and/or its grassy roadside. The main weed infestations that we tackle are the following pasture weeds: grasses: Holcus lanatus, Anthoxanthum odoratum; trefoils: Lotus subbiflorus, Lotus uliginosus; and flat weeds: Hypochoeris radicata and Leontodon saxatilis. These are weeds that might be ignored in many bush settings, but the Lotus spp. in particular have the potential to increase fertility, while the others have the potential to dominate in the absence of cattle grazing.





Holcus lanatus

Yorkshire fog grass










Anthoxanthum odoratum,

Sweet vernal grass








Lotus uliginosus

Greater bird'sfoot trefoil








Lotus subbiflorus

Hairy bird'sfoot trefoil








Hypochoeris radicata

Rough catsear (flatweed)








Leontodon saxatilis

Hairy hawkbit (flatweed)