Regular bird monitoring

As well as keeping records of bird species we see casually, since September 2010 we have formally monitored birds at Rubicon. 


Four times a year, in mid-January, April, July and October, we sit back-to-back for 20 minutes in four sites at Rubicon and record all the birds we see and hear during that time. 











When we see birds we note down how many birds of each species there are and whether they are flying, sitting or foraging; also whether they are nesting or feeding young. During the same 20 minute period we make an acoustic recording of the birds using a Zoom H2 as part of the project, A Sound Idea, being managed in Tasmania by Sarah Lloyd. 

  Disturbance map 2015
Location map showing locations of regular bird monitoiring locations at Rubicon. All locations are close to the open wet heathland (SHW) and within view of some woodland. Map data: Google.