We spend many hours each year weeding in the conservation area, and to a lesser extent the roadside. On the roadside there are a few weeds, such as Paspalum dilatatum, that we specially aim to control to avoid them encroaching into the conservation area. Most control on the roadside is spot spraying with “frog friendly” glyphosate.

Within the conservation area of Rubicon, most weed control is by hand, with a focus on pasture weeds: grasses: Holcus lanatus, Anthoxanthum odoratum; trefoils: Lotus subbiflorus, Lotus uliginosus; and flat weeds: Hypochoeris radicata and Leontodon saxatilis.

After a burn, we have used the preliminary results from our weed control experiment. We control seedlings of Lotus spp. with a flame torch that scorches and kills them. We control re-sprouting grasses by spraying with “frog friendly” glyphosate. In both cases the treatment occurs prior to re-emergence of most native plants, and we have preliminary evidence that little damage is done to the native plants.





On knees hand weeding!