The north coast of Tasmania has a relatively benign maritime climate. In particular the hot dry northerly winds in summer that affect south-eastern Australia are moderated by passage over a relatively cool Bass Strait. The warmest temperatures tend to be in south-westerly winds following the passage of summer cold fronts. Rubicon's situation close to Rubicon Estuary and Bass Strait also moderates the worst of the winter cold, although frosts are still quite common.

The Rubicon weather station does not provide accurate outdoor temperatures because the sensor is not ideally located. Average annual maximum temperature at Devonport Airport for the period 1962-2008 was 16.8°C, and the equivalent minimum temperature was 8.1°C. The monthly variation in the maximum and minimum temperatures is shown in the chart below.

Monthly temperature

During the seven-year period 2009 to 2015, the average yearly maximum and minimum temperatures at Devonport Airport were 17.4°C and 8.6°C respectively, an increase of approximately 0.5°C over the longer term averages. The likely continued increase in temperatures over the coming years is of concern for the conservation of the natural values at Rubicon.