We are fortunate at Rubicon that there is only one potential flow of water onto the property from a neighboring paddock. Most of our wetlands depend on rain that falls directly over Rubicon. Rainfall tends to fill our wetlands over winter and the high water level is usually in September. In common with most of south-eastern Australia, rainfall amount is quite variable and partly driven by el Niño and la Niña events. Average annual rainfall at Devonport Airport for the period 1962-2008 was 778.6 mm.

The chart below shows the rainfall recorded at Devonport Airport and Rubicon using our WS2355 La Crosse USB Professional Weather Station. Over these seven years Rubicon received average annual rainfall of 797.7 mm while Devonport Airport received 735.0 mm, which is about 8.5% less rainfall than Rubicon. There was a weak el Niño in 2009-10, two consecutive la Niña events in 2012-11 and 2011-12, and a strong el Niño in 2015-16.

Rainfall chart orchids




Our courtyard during a downpour.








We have only seen it snowing once, on 3 August 2015. Not much settled, and the sun was soon shining again!







Emergency drainage works during the very wet August 2013. The ground water almost reached the surface and started to flood our Biolytix system.



Also in August 2013, our wetlands reached the maximum extent and depth that we have seen, as seen below.

Disturbance map 2015