The property we call Rubicon

Rubicon is a rare remnant of natural coastal vegetation in the central north coast of Tasmania. Its ephemeral wetlands are home to approximately 12 threatened plant species (including 6 threatened orchid species), one threatened plant community (E.ovata woodland) and one threatened animal (North-coast burrowing crayfish, Engaeus granulatus).

We manage the property intensively for its conservation values through slashing, burning and weeding. We actively survey and monitor priority organisms for their response to the management activities. This enables an adaptive management strategy, as we can review our practices each year and modify as necessary.

scene from house


The property supports two main vegetation types: low-lying open swampy areas, and better drained wooded areas, as seen in a view from the house. The 2016 Google Earth image below shows the open and wooded areas, management tracks and recent fire breaks.



Disturbance map 2015
Map data: Google