Our objectives for Rubicon

Our vision is that Rubicon will support a resilient ecosystem that provides a secure home for priority plant and animal species.

Our mission is to enhance the natural values at Rubicon and to improve knowledge about management methods by monitoring and experimentation.

These are the six objectives we have developed to guide our work at Rubicon:

  1. Catalogue and map Rubicon’s natural assets
  2. Conduct a program of annual disturbance
  3. Minimise threats from weed populations, pest animals and pathogens
  4. Monitor changes in populations of priority species and overall ecosystem health
  5. Contribute to the body of knowledge about management of priority species and vegetation
  6. Reduce risks to built assets from unplanned events
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We report on our management activities annually, against targets that are set out in our Landowner's Management Plan. Reports also highlight any significant new observations and achievements. In April-May 2014, we had a mass fruiting of the liverwort Goebelobryum unguiculatum, which is apparently very rarely seen, as featured on the cover of our 2014-15 Annual Report, to the left.