Phil Collier and Robin Garnett

We have lived and worked together at Rubicon since 2008. It is a fulfilling retirement lifestyle that enables us to:


Phil Collier

I am trained in computer science having completed a career mostly as an academic specialising in design and use of intelligent decision aids. I have been actively interested in native flora since arriving in Tasmania in 1982, partly through bushwalking that provides a contrast to being desk-bound during the working week.

This most recent phase of my life extends a general interest in flora to actively managing conservation land mostly for the benefit of threatened flora. It’s quite a challenge, and I hope to leave a legacy of increased knowledge about land management methods and their benefits.



Robin Garnett

I have a background in science and education, which has led me on a varied, exciting career journey. It has included secondary and tertiary teaching, research into Aboriginal children’s maths concepts in Central Australia, creating science exhibitions and programs at Questacon in Canberra and Te Manawa in Palmerston North, New Zealand, and developing web resources for tertiary teaching.

I enjoy learning about the amazing interactions in the living world and sharing new knowledge with others.



We plan to continue our work at Rubicon until 2023. By then we hope to find someone else to buy the property and continue to look after its threatened species.